All processes are continuously developed, improved and optimised in order to improve efficiency and quality in the production network. The identification of best practices in quality is the performed control by testing.

  • Automatical Optical Inspection (AOI) with a KOH YOUNG ZENITH High Speed 3D AOI
  • Inspection speed 18.3~30.4 cm2/sec
  • Unique 8 Way Projection Technology for full 3D measurment based inspection
  • Detecting all kinds of defects including Missing, Offset, Rotation, Polarity, Upside down, OCV/OCR, Solder fillet, Biilboarding, Lifted Lead, Lifted Body, Tombstone, Bridging and more.
  • Full 3D Measurement – Height Accuracy 1µm
  • Inspection possibility by objects with maximal dimension up to 510х510 mm