We can provide a wide variety of cables & cable harnesses to your specification. Our production activities provide a unique combination of manual and automated cable assembly solutions. For wires and cables, a wide range of production techniques can be applied. We cut, insulate, seal, crimp and block load fully automatically as well as we integrated cable ends processing.

  • Cutting of flat and round cable – up to 500m per hour with machine FS 100, produced by the company CAB
  • Stripping and crimping of insulated cables – 1000 pcs./hour with machine SC200 Schleuniger
  • Refresh and tinning
  • Testing of cable connections, 384 verification points via a tester Kabtec 192 Seltronics

Cutting and stripping machine EcoStrip 9380

Max. cable outer diameter     8.0 mm (0.31”)
Max. cable cross section standard     0.05 – 8 mm2 (10 mm2 EN60228 class 5&6) | 8 AWG
The EcoStrip 9380 is the capable entry level machine for cut & strip applications that need to meet professional standards.

The EcoStrip 9380’s economical price point, along with its high level of cut & strip quality, makes it the perfect choice for both newcomers and cut & strip professionals alike. The EcoStrip 9380 cleverly combines the latest technologies with Schleuniger’s industry renowned precision, making it easier than ever to process a wide range of entry level applications.

Stripping and rotating machine RotaryStrip 2400

Technical Data
Wire Size Range     0.013 – 6 mm² (36 – 10 AWG)
Max. Outer Cable Diameter     7 mm (0.27″)
Stripping Length Increments     0.1 mm (0.01″)
Diameter Increments     0.01 mm (0.001″)
Max. Diameter mm     7 mm

The RotaryStrip 2400 is an impressive, fully programmable stripping machine with high precision and flexibility. Wire sizes from 0.013 – 6 mm² (36 – 10 AWG) can be processed without any mechanical adjustments.

The machine can strip wires with various insulation types including Kapton, Fiberglass and Teflon.

Stripper and Crimper MC 40-1

Technical data MC 40-1
Cross-section     0.5 – 1.5 mm²
Cycle time     1 s
Crimp length     6-12 mm

The MC 40-1 provides efficient processing of loose wire end sleeves with plastic collars in different lengths.

This version requires no special tooling length adjustment. The machine features a high level of reliability and flexibility.

The use of premium components in combination with a robust construction ensures reliable operation.