STEINER ELEKTRONIK Ltd is beneficiary as per project No. BG16RFOP002-2.040-0975-C01 “Enhancing the production capacity of Steiner Elektronik Ltd” performed with the financial support within the scope of the Operational Programme Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020, which is co-financed by the European Union by means of the European Regional Development Fund and the Bulgarian national budget.

The project totally amounts to 1 141 000,00 BGN, whereas 581 910,00 BGN are European part-finance and 102 690,00 BGN are Bulgarian part-finance.

Short description, purposes and expected project-related results:

This project targets the enhancement of the production capacity with a view to increase the competitiveness and export potential of Steiner Elektronik Ltd due to the improvement of the key production processes by the acquisition of the following assets:

• Production line for surface mounting of printed circuit boards: 1 piece
• Soldering oven for assembled printed circuit boards: 1 piece

This investment will add new capacity to some key production processes:

 It will upgrade the totally full capacity upon the surface mounting of electronic components on the printed circuit board by the addition of a new nominal capacity and the increase of the effective current capacity for the saturation of the printed circuit board with components
 It will add a new capacity for unit’s soldering on the soldering paste

The investment will radically increase the quantity of saturated printed circuit boards therefore it will increase the final output of the factory, considerably reduce the execution period as a result of the noticeably enhanced production capacity and sped up saturation and soldering process, as well as ensure the high quality of the saturated printed circuit boards and reduce the failure.

As part of the project completion, it aims at an average increase of the operating efficiency of the factory by more than 15%.

The enhanced capacity combined with excellent quality, shortened deadlines and reduced costs are a key factor for the company to accept new orders. At the same time the investment directly leads to an export potential increase of the applicant whereas they expect an export growth of approx. 3,5% due to the implementation of high-performance equipment within the scope of the project.