High speed dispensing robot in Steiner Elektronik Ltd.

Steiner Elektronik Ltd. once again expanded its production range – this time with a new dispensing machine from the company DIMA Group – automatic robot ELITE DIMA DR070.

In order to constantly modernize its production, Steiner Elektronik is trying always to make investments in new machines and equipment. A given evidence for the past year is the brand new wave soldering machine Seho PowerN2 and also the 2nd JUKI-SMD line.

selective coating

The biggest advantage of ELITE DR-070 is the high speed of dispensing, accuracy and repeated actions of dispensing coating. Moreover the robot is both flexible and fast by being able for integrated rotation. This innovation allows varnishing with an angle up to 60˚ and easy to manage all hard to reach areas.


The combination of high speed and accuracy provides simultaneous work of the three valves:

  • Needle valve – extremely high accuracy
  • Spray narrow bean valve – high accuracy / high speed
  • Curtain valve – extremely high accuracy 

Other advantages:

  • Configured with a camera the ongoing processes are easy to track and to film
  • Ability to work both in line and batch
  • Precise control of the dispensed coating
  • No need of initial protection of the sensitive areas of the board

All these qualities of the new dispensing robot make it easy to configure and to reconfigure convenient for fast coating, dispensing and assembly jobs.

The functionality of the machine provides the ability for fast, precise and quality production from Steiner Elektronik Ltd.