Optimum for production in cell manufacturing

selective soldering

With the selective soldering Steiner Elektronik Ltd. expands its range of products in this sector by a compact selective soldering system. The semiautomatic operates in all process steps with the proven Ersa selective soldering technology, just like the larger Ersa VERSAFLOW models, suffering no comprimse in regards to quality and accuracy. The universal pallet mount allows processing boards with the size up to 508 x 508 mm.The fluxer performs with the highest positioning accuracy and with the least amount of flux deposition.


Features like spray jet monitoring or the process monitoring camera provide for process safety. Like the VERSAFLOW model range, the SMARTFLOW is equipped with a all-over preheating. The lower heater is furnished with eight emitters, which can be switched in groups so that the power consumed can be adapted to the heat demand and the size of the board. The upper heater has completely been overtaken from the lower heating is optimally adjusted to it. This ensures an efficient and reproducable through heating even for most complex component like multi-layer or heavy-mass. 


New selective soldering machine in addition to our 3 lines VERSAFLOW 3/35 GLOBAL EDITION

The machine configuration of the Versaflow 3/35 consists of flux, preheat and solder module with segmented conveyor system. It incorporates all options necessary to meet the customer’s requirements on tomorrow’s manufacturing processes.

  • 4-part conveyor (infeed, preheating and peak, vacuum, cooling zone) also as dual track
  • Inline selective soldering machine for the integration in inline production concepts
  • Parallel process due to the separation of flux, preheating and soldering process
  • Increased throughput through dual solder pot technology
  • Highest throughput in the entire selective soldering market
  • Safe process control with monitoring of all relevant parameters
  • Full modularity – suitable for every customer requirement

Conveyor Systems

  • PCB width: 60-508 mm
  • PCB length: 120-508 mm
  • Maximum PCB top side clearance: 120 mm
  • Maximum PCB bottom side clearance: 30 mm
  • Maximum PCB weight: 8 kg

Flux Module

  • Drop-Jet, 130 µm stainless steel

Preheat module

  • Combination of IR and convection

Solder module

  • Electromagnetic solder pot